Lawyers specializing in corporate labor law Entirely devoted to corporate labor law and to promoting the human capital within companies, Eunomie Avocats' expert team (lawyer, former human resource managers, lobbyists, university lecturers) demonstrates a renowned proficiency in labor relations and is always striving tomeet the needs of their clients, who are all industry leaders facing unusual situations.

“More than a lawyer, a responsive partner that is well-versed in corporate operational practices, and remarkably available at such a high level of expertise.”

Directeur des Ressources Humaines et de la Responsabilité Environnementale et Sociétale - BU France BtoB

“Success during Eunomie’s cooperation with RICOH group was based on the ability of available and skilled lawyers to find the right solution to each situation, including the most complex issues”


“More than services, Eunomie has been building with our company a rare and valuable partnership thanks to the professionalism, flexibility and thorough understanding of the industrial world demonstrated by these first-rate lawyers, contributing to the success of our company.”

Isabelle GALLET
France & Switzerland Human Resources Manager - Supervisor of Spain Human Resources, Momentive Specialty Chemicals France SAS

“J’ai trouvé chez EUNOMIE AVOCATS, dans des contextes difficiles, les conseils indispensables à la prise de décision.”


“More than services, Eunomie has been building with our company a rare and valuable partnership thanks to the professionalism, flexibility and thorough understanding of the industrial world demonstrated by these first-rate lawyers, contributing to the success of our company.”

Evelyne BESSON

“An indisputably high level of expertise to the point that there is no room for hazards and uncertainty in case analysis, combined with excellent responsiveness and ability to listen.”

Jean Philippe Kohler

“Responsiveness and availability, combined with true legal and judicial expertise, are all the valuable qualities that lie behind my collaboration with Eunomie partners.”

Président Directeur Général – Chabé Limousines

“A high level of expertise with constant responsiveness. But Eunomie’s real asset is acting as a partner who knows the company and our organization. They are deeply committed and bring us valuable expertise!”

Pierre Albert BILLAULT
DRH de Wolters Kluwer

“Eunomie shows full understanding of organizations and an ability to quickly respond to our needs. Their replies and advice help us find the right solutions to the different labor and legal situations we are confronted with on a daily basis.”

Christophe BARATIER
DRH Groupe Agnès B

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with Eunomie. They are brilliant lawyers, very pragmatic, incredibly responsive and with a great attitude. Eunomie understands our business very well and is able to distill very complex matters down to practical workable solutions.”

Kristien KAELEN
General Counsel

“Eunomie Avocats takes action to provide practical, inventive, tangible and customized solutions.”

Jérôme Ivanoff
Directeur des Ressources Humaines de CRMA – AIR FRANCE INDUSTRIES

“With their labor law expertise, responsiveness and pragmatic approach to counseling, Eunomie lawyers are valuable partners in providing support to the company.”

Christophe SAUSSE
DRH Parrot

“In these times of increasingly complex legislation, Eunomie guarantees high value-added expertise in building a close relationship with the client and showing determination to provide a practical, suitable and safe service.”

Nathalie LE BERDER
DRH d’Andros

“Notre collaboration avec Me Daniel et ses équipes dure déjà depuis 2004. Cette longévité s’explique notamment par un grand sens de l’écoute, une réelle expertise, un contact toujours chaleureux et simple. La confiance s’est rapidement installée grâce à la capacité du Cabinet Eunomie Avocats à trouver des solutions à des problématiques qui semblaient parfois inextricables.”

DRH – Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie

“Both in law and facts, in analyzing an individual or collective situation as in providing advice in ERA relationship management, the cooperation between Sony Music and Eunomie has led HR to be both responsible for ensuring labor law compliance and a “business partner” working in support of the employees and the management team.”

DRH de Sony Music

an uncompromising commitment to our partners


inventiveness, pugnacity and reactivity


we advise and represent you in justice court


a tailored service rich in know-how

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Inventiveness, reactivity and pugnacity are the most revealing adjectives for the intensity with which Eunomie Avocats works alongside its partners, companies or employers’ federations, whether it be to advise them or to represent them in court. Strongly established in various fields of activity such as metallurgy, generic 

laboratories, transport, media, office automation, hotels or banks and insurance companies, Eunomie Avocats differentiates itself by offering, for the exclusive benefit of demanding companies, an “out of the ordinary” practical service based on a total commitment and strong values.


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