Entirely devoted to corporate labor law and to promoting the human capital within companies, Eunomie Avocats’ expert team (lawyers, former human resource managers, lobbyists, university lecturers) demonstrates a renowned proficiency in labor relations and is always striving to meet the needs of their clients, who are all industry leaders facing unusual situations.

As a leader in various industrial areas, from the metal industry to pharmaceutical companies, transport, energy, luxury industry and media, Eunomie Avocats law firm makes a difference in offering, to the sole benefit of highly demanding companies, an “unconventional” practical service that relies on absolute commitment and strong values.

Tailored services offering a wealth of expertise

Tailored services

Eunomie Avocats’ team is committed, on both an ideological scale and in its comprising highly educated members, to adjusting their beliefs and technical expertise in a practical manner so as to invariably promote the interests of their clients, which include transnational groups, listed companies and employers’ federations. At the leading edge of legal reasoning, Eunomie Avocats takes action to provide practical, immediate and lasting solutions.

with the following result: tailored services offering a wealth of expertise thanks to inventive, tangible and customized solutions that meet each company’s operational, litigation and strategic needs.

As a key player on the French labor litigation market, Eunomie Avocats will make sure to provide a reliable service.

Our Expertise

  • Reorganization management and support: mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing, creation of subsidiary companies, subcontracting, PSE (Employment Safeguard Plans)
  • Individual and collective labor relations law and practice: collective bargaining, employee representation, organization and adjustment of working hours, contractual relationship management
  • Labor and criminal risk management: officers’ criminal liability, implementing delegations of authority
  • Health, safety and working conditions
  • Corporate labor litigation: collective litigation, electoral litigation, industrial arbitration litigation, criminal litigation, administrative litigation
  • Social welfare and compensation systems law: benefits plans, supplementary pension plans, Perco [Collective retirement savings plan], employee savings plans, employee share-ownership
  • HR counseling and strategy: change management support, audit, governance, CSR
  • Specific labor law: sports law, constitutional labor law and litigation, journalists, fashion models, specific status companies
  • European community and international labor law: expatriation, secondment, transnational transactions
  • Social security: Urssaf litigation, industrial accidents/occupational illness, criminal negligence